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    Introducing a delightful sandbox that fuses adventure with creativity.
    MyDream: an engaging game the whole family can play.

    We have raised more than $115,000 to date for this project. Back this & get beta access now!

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    Who's Backing Us & Press Quotes

    Lord British aka Richard Garriott: We are deeply humbled that the Ultima god has looked down upon our small indie project. We have been inspired by so much of what he has done: early sandbox, MMO, RPG, avatars & so on...

    Bart Decrem: Again humbled by the open and learning aspects of Where's My Water and the nonstop action of Temple Run.

    IGN: "...players will experience a new game with every login."

    Joystick: "Sandbox fans, meet your next obsession."

    Cliqist: "What gets me the most excited about this game is the idea of tranquility and exploration that is driving the character to explore the terrain a bit further."

    Education World: "..loved all of the freedom and the toolset that [MyDream] gave them in this open sandbox environment. " “MyDream allows players to experience unlimited adventures and [may actually] help players with real life skills such as collaboration and creativity."

    Parenting Healthy: "My son has played MyDream every night before bed since we downloaded it!"

    Left Stick Down: "really fun, almost addictive, game...excellent multiplayer aspects.. wonderful artistic style."

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